Related Projects

This page list external projects that build on Apache Fluo and may be useful. These projects are not necessarily affiliated with or endorsed by the Apache Software Foundation. If you would like to add a project to this list, please open an issue or submit a pull request on GitHub.

Projects Using Fluo

  • Apache Rya - Uses Fluo to keep precomputed joins update to date as new data arrives.

Tools for running Apache Fluo

  • Uno - Runs Apache Hadoop+Zookeeper+Accumulo+Fluo on a single machine for development and testing.
  • Muchos - Deploys Apache Hadoop+Zookeeper+Accumulo+Fluo to a cluster (optionally launched in Amazon EC2) for development and testing.

Example Fluo applications

  • Phrasecount - Example Apache Fluo application that counts phrases in documents
  • Mixer - Prototype showing how to use Apache Fluo to continuously merge multiple large graphs into a single derived one.
  • Jaccard - Example Apache Fluo application that computes and indexes the Jaccard between all pairs in a bipartite graph.
  • Webindex - Apache Fluo application that creates web index using Common Crawl data
  • Stresso - An example application designed to stress Apache Fluo